Friday, January 7, 2011

The Best Makeup For African American Women

Black Radiance 

If you're the type of person who doesn't like to drop twenty or more dollars every time they shop for makeup, you should really get hip to Black Radiance. It can be found in most Rite Aids and sometimes in Pathmark. If you try those stores and still have trouble finding it, do a Google search for Black Radiance, and you'll probably be able to order it online. Black Radiance makes blushes, lip glosses, lipsticks, foundations, pressed powders, eye shadows and bronzers in fabulous colors. The makeup is very affordable. You can purchase a blush compact for about $4.19. And foundation costs around the same price. 

Cover Girl Crème Mousse 

If you're an African American woman who sometimes has difficulty finding the perfect shade of foundation, try Cover Girl Crème Mouse in caramel, cocoa or tan. I have a more detailed review of the product in this article. Click here to read it: Review of Cover Girl Crème Mousse. In short this makeup is a combination of a powder and a liquid. And the texture of the makeup is really fluffy and airy. I always get compliments when I wear this foundation. It glides on smooth and just looks great. The cost is about $8.00. 


If you don't know about M.A.C. you better get onboard the train. This makeup brand is notorious for being sported by celebrities. They have all kinds of beautiful shades for black women. Price range is from $12-$20.00 

Fashion Fair

Fashion Fair lipsticks have a unique fragrance to them. It's really great. No other makeup brand has it. Plus Fashion Fair lipsticks are really bright, pretty and moisturizing

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